Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to process an order?

Please allow 1-2 business days for your order to be processed for shipping. We make every effort to fulfill orders real quick. We are a very (very) small team of folks so sometimes we aren’t perfect.

What about shipping?

We ship both domestically and to a select number of international destinations. Shipping times depend on your location. In the US, you’re item should take 1-3 days to reach you, sooner if you are in the Northeast where we are based (Philly!).

For information regarding international shipping, click here

I don’t get it. What do you mean “Puzzle So Hard”?

Ah, yes, what about this “puzzle so hard” business? We necessarily don’t mean that all of our puzzles are difficult but that we want you to approach our puzzles with enthusiasm and intention, a la “go hard or go home.” But, yeah, our puzzles are “hard” but they are definitely not impossible and I’ve already been told by a few puzzlers that they aren’t really hard at all. In the end, it’s relative. 

But seriously, are your puzzles that hard?

Again, it’s all relative. But we’re not gonna lie, some of our puzzles are pretty challenging. Like learning to julienne vegetables. Or that first kickflip ollie. Not quite as hard as getting a crummy stuffed animal out of that arcade claw crane pick-up thingy. But it’s super satisfying to finish and celebrate the solve on one of our bad boys. What I will say is be patient with yourself and use good lighting. Also, if it does fit, it doesn't fit.  

If you want a kind-of cheat when things get tough, click here. But warning: you can’t unsee it! So that’s why the first click was not a link at all, to protect you from you! But if you’re the kind of person who snuck into your parent’s closet to peek at your hidden presents, go ahead and click on this real link at your own risk. 

Which puzzles are the “easiest” and the “hardest”?

Again again, also relative. But Jen Hope, our Puzzler-in-Chief thinks that the Skull Racquet puzzle is the least hard while the Brasilia, Cosmic Winter Wonderland, Milky Way, Bermuda and Commodore the Cat puzzles round out the harder end of the difficulty scale. That said Cosmic Winter Wonderland is one of her favorites! Check out this stop motion animation she did with it. 

Are your puzzles wood or cardboard?

Our puzzles are made with a robust, thick black-backed chipboard (chipboard is a not-so-fancy word for an amalgamated cardboard). They are similar in thickness to a Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle.

Tell me more about your puzzles.

I thought you’d never ask! In addition to have a unique and thick black chipboard, we use a matte finish for our images that reduces glare and looks pretty, pretty fancy.

Our ink is soy-based, although if you have allergies we can’t really guarantee that other allergens are not contained therein (but if you email us we will definitely try our best to answer any specific concerns).  

And our boxes! Gah! Our boxes are designed to fit on the shelf or a coffee table like a book. They have a marble-print design that is so darn pretty and make for wonderful modern décor. That is just one more reason our puzzles are the perfect gift.

Where can I purchase PSH puzzles in person?

First, that is a lot of “p” words in one question. Second, you can find our puzzles at these places. This is growing fast, so check back regularly. 

I have a shop that sells puzzles, do you wholesale?

Why yes we do. Click here to send us a message. We love working with other businesses. 

If we haven’t answered your question or you just wanna chat, drop us a line here

If we have answered all your burning questions, what are you waiting for?! Go get some puzzles! 



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